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Check Our Pricing Structure

With Half Price Rubbish Inc in Burnaby, rubbish removal gets affordable and easy. You can call us and get an estimate over the phone, or we can visit your place and assess your junk on the spot. Once that’s done, we will give you an accurate, all-inclusive price before your junk leaves the ground. Our pickup prices start from $89, and all charges are decided after considering labour, dumping, recycling, trucking and fuel costs. This price will be based on volume and not on weight. The best part is that all loading and cleanup are included with our services!

Our Pricing

1/4 truck - Quarter Truck


1/2 truck - Half Truck


3/4 truck - Three-Quarter Truck


Full truck - Size - 10’x8’x5'


Please note there is a $20 surcharge for mattresses or box springs.

Additional charges will apply for loads containing drywall, tiles and concrete.

With our lowest price guaranteed and a free estimate, you have nothing to lose but the mess! So call us today and get started.

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